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infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag
infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Welcome to Oekoswiss

Innovation driver since 2004

The development of our products has set standards right from the start – today they are powerful intelligent products with groundbreaking technologies. We’ve understood infrared and that people want comprehensive solutions for their independent heat. and this as low in Co2 as possible. This
path We consistently continue on – with technologies, concepts and solutions that today are already thinking about tomorrow.


We make no compromises when it comes to quality. Our products are premium and are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Oekoswiss products are permanently efficient and offer maximum safety. We vouch for this – with the best guarantee promise on the market.


We are an important part of a total solution for your building project and our know-how covers more than just heat for your home. Thus we offer you intelligent solutions which cover the entire life cycle of your object.


Our competence is the result of experience. In theory a lot of things work but you are interested in the result. So do we and the environment. This includes not only the investment costs but also the operating costs over the entire service life. Also the aspect of maintenance energy and service life are always decisive for costs and the environment.

Our mission:

An affordable, intelligent and ecological contribution to energy system transformation

infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Our vision:

The holistic energy ecosystem for your home.

Perfect interaction

Thanks to the short reaction time of Oekoswiss IR heaters, internal and external heat gains can be utilised practically 100%.

Tiled stove warmth = feel-good warmth

The ceramic-coated special glasses create pleasant and soft warmth like from a tiled stove. Maintenance-free and noiseless.

Intelligent und Digital

With the development of the “Lift & Coast System”, Oekoswiss has digitalised the Oekoswiss IR heaters. Not only do you save enormous amounts of energy during operation, you can now react even faster to internal and external heat gains

Decentralised heating

Decentralised heating is not a book with seven seals. On the contrary! Never before has it been so easy and practical to heat your house, your hobby room, your office efficiently and with low CO2 emissions.

According to your wishes

Every zone and every room in your home is heated to your desired room temperature when you want it – quickly and precisely

The 5 most important points

1. Oekoswiss Premium IR

The first Digital IR heater on the world market.

2. control/thermostats

Here too, digitisation is setting new standards and helps us today to develop control concepts, that were not possible just a few years ago.

3. efficient heating of domestic hot water

An eco-boiler is used to warm up the service water in an energy and cost-saving way.

4. produce own energy with photovoltaics

Your path to self-sufficiency or a large share of renewable energy with a solar system on your roof is an essential component the ecological future.


5. ventilation

With decentralised ventilation and a heat recovery rate of 95%, they also save a considerable amount of energy. Added to this is a long service life with low maintenance requirements.

Heat like from a tiled stove

The Oekoswiss IR heaters generate a pleasant and soft infrared heat as we know it from a tiled stove – in other words, feel-good warmth. We use special low-iron oxide glasses as carriers for the special coating, which in turn provide precisely this pleasant feeling of warmth.
In practice, it feels as if you are standing in front of the window in your house in winter and the sun shines through
the window and warms them up in the process. The special glass lets the tiled stove heat generated by the ceramic layer through and thus heats your room and thus the air.

Low-loss device design

Our heaters are designed in such a way that we emit practically no heat from the back. The focus is on the front so that we don’t waste energy to the rear. This applies to some details of the device design. Especially with lightweight walls, coloured walls, wooden walls or wallpaper, too high a temperature on the back of heaters can lead to structural damage.

Short reaction time

Thanks to the short reaction time of Oekoswiss IR heaters, they are not only quickly warm, but also quickly cold again!
This allows us to immediately utilize any kind of heat that is generated outside the heat generation from the IR-heaters. This is a considerable amount of energy which would otherwise remain unused.

infrared heating glass heating on wall
infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Oekoswiss has digitised infrared heating


The latest step is the intelligent and digital control of the heater itself. Oekoswiss has continuously developed the products since 2004. As developers and manufacturers we can quickly and respond directly to new technical possibilities and implement them. The digital energy management system records the temperature of the Oekoswiss IR heater in real time and thinks ahead with the software. This optimises the operation of Oekoswiss IR heaters in terms of heat emission, making them not only more efficient but also safer

Lift & Coast System (L&C System of OEKOSWISS)

Think of the L & C system as a multi-speed gearbox on a vehicle. A lot of power is used to accelerate when entering the motorway. As soon as we have reached a high number of revolutions, we shift into a higher gear or the automatic transmission does it. Thus, the speed is maintained with low energy consumption.

The OEKOSWISS IR heating elements accelerate quickly to the target temperature. Once this is reached, it only adds energy to maintain the temperature. This process saves an enormous amount of energy. During the running time, the heating element almost never switches off completely. Instead, the software controls the energy absorption via a kind of flow valve very precisely and avoids overshoots or undershoots in energy absorption and temperature development. The low-loss device design and the fast, direct and practically loss-free heat development help to get the maximum out of the device. This entire process takes place in fractions of a second, without noise or large heat differences.

Another advantage of this technology is that the power switches without a relay. The aforementioned flow valve generates no wear and tear during operation and can be precisely controlled by the Oekoswiss software. This additionally increases the service life!

Graph 1

To illustrate how it works, you can see the energy absorption in the course from start to reaching the target temperature. Shortly before the target temperature is reached, the digital controller begins to reduce the power
so that the surface temperature does not overshoot.

Graph 2+3

Maintaining the target temperature.
Only as much energy as necessary is used to maintain the selected surface temperature. In this way, the reaction time of heat dissipation into the room becomes much stronger again.

infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag
infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag
infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag
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