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Possible applications of infrared heaters

Advantages of infrared heating: That’s why it’s worth buying

More and more people are opting for infrared heating. Compared to a conventional model, it has several advantages. For example, the models can be used in the private sphere as well as in the professional sphere. Whether as ceiling heating, heating as a mirror or infrared heating as a decorative picture for the living room: we have summarised the advantages of infrared heating transparently for you here.

Easy installation and use of infrared heaters

Infrared heating can be installed very easily and quickly. The panels are extremely space-saving and can be integrated into the room decoration. In addition, no water or oil is needed for operation. Infrared heaters are always not operated with a specific fuel. Instead, they only need 230 volts alternating current. A simple socket per panel is therefore perfectly adequate. The model can usually be installed on its own – however, it is often advisable to have a professional carry out or accompany the installation.

Advantages of infrared heating: low risks and long life

Advantages of infrared heating? One of them is definitely the technology it contains. This is hardly susceptible to faults and maintenance is therefore not or only very rarely necessary. As it is operated free of mechanics, there is no wear and tear and the infrared heater therefore has an extremely long service life. Most models can be operated for 20 years or more. Some heaters even have a service life of 50 years.

Low costs and good for allergy sufferers

Compared to a condensing gas heating or a classic oil heating system, infrared heating is much cheaper to buy. The installation itself is also very favourable, as it is quick and easy. No water pipes have to be taken into account or laid first. Instead, the radiator is simply connected to the power supply. Another advantage of infrared heating is the technology. This ensures that the air is not stirred up. This means that no dust can be stirred up – thanks to asthmatics and allergy sufferers. In addition, the room is heated evenly by the infrared heating. This feels much more pleasant and cosy than with classic radiators.

Modern and space-saving

Heaters often disturb the visual image. Even pieces of furniture sometimes cannot be set up as desired – because a heater is in the way. This problem does not exist with infrared heaters. The thin panels can be lifted like a picture and thus take up only a few centimetres of the room. A good and modern way to combine design with warmth.

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