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Infrared heating systems for office and trade

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Discreet, accurately fitting and almost invisible, our grid ceiling heating systems blend into the ceiling.

Infrared ceiling heating: heating for offices and businesses

Heating your own four walls with infrared heating is not only practical, but also modern. Unlike conventional heating, this is powered by electricity. But there is another advantage: it is hardly noticeable as a radiator and thus cleverly becomes an important decorative element. As if that were not enough, there is another type of infrared heater: Infrared heaters for ceilings and the like. These models are – as the name suggests – attached to the ceiling. From here, they emit the pleasant warmth into the room and ensure cosy hours in the cold months. When attached to the ceiling, the heaters are not conspicuous and do not take up any space.

How the infrared ceiling heating works

The electric heating is based on the model of radiation exchange. It ensures that the surfaces and walls in the room are gradually warmed up. This allows you to experience an even and cosy warm feeling. Moreover, the infrared ceiling heating does not have to be installed in a complicated way. Instead, it is simply mounted on the ceiling and connected to the electricity. The heater is heated within a short time and also cools down quickly after deactivation. By the way, infrared heating for ceilings and the like does not stir up any air and thus no dust. This makes it a good alternative for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Infrared ceiling heaters save space

Classical heaters are usually white and look correspondingly boring. If you want to furnish your home, you always have to consider the heaters. For example, some pieces of furniture do not fit in the room because the radiator is far into the room, or a shelf has to be placed differently because a heater interferes. Thanks to infrared heating for ceilings and the like, this is no longer an obstacle. The panels are simply mounted on the ceiling. This gives you a free hand in furnishing and using furniture. No more heaters will interfere and get in the way. No wonder the modern heaters are being used in more and more hotels, meeting rooms, holiday flats and private homes.

Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 400-R 618x618 420 7.2kg white matt 188 171 000
Oeko 800-R 618x1243 720 13.8kg white matt 188 181 000
  • The mounting set incl. Borehole template is included in delivery
  • 10 years warranty
  • An extension of the warranty to 15 years can be ordered on request.
  • Other formats and colours for grid ceilings on request
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