Glass heaters

Discreet infrared heating for every home.

The conventional heaters take up a lot of space and often interfere with the interior style. Glass heaters are a welcome alternative. They have a chic and modern design and are also powered by electricity. They consist of fine glass panels that are connected to each other with electrical conductors. They are heated by means of electricity and thus give off heat to the room. The heating function is designed for sun-like heat radiation. This means that only solid bodies are heated and there is no whirling up of dust. For allergy sufferers, glass heaters are therefore a much better alternative. In addition, glass heaters protect against mould.

Easy installation and control

Compared to conventional heating with water, glass heaters are much easier to install. After all, the panel only has to be attached to the desired wall and supplied with electricity. If the radiator is connected directly to the mains, a trained electrician can provide support here. In addition to installation, control is also very simple. The glass heaters can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, elements with simple on/off switches or controllers with different levels are waiting.

infrared heating glass heating on wall

Smart design

Oekoswiss focuses on timeless, noble and unobtrusive design. These Oekoswiss IR heaters fit into every room and set discreet accents.

Glass heaters: a welcome decorative element

Glass heaters are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because they are considered a stylish furnishing element and are not really noticeable as radiators. At the same time, however, they heat rooms with the desired warmth and, what’s more, reduce the stirring up of air and dust in the flat or house. By keeping the walls warm, mould spores also have a hard time. No wonder, then, that glass heaters are being used in more and more hotels, businesses, offices and private homes. They are the future of innovative and aesthetic heating. Convince yourself of our products and create a cosy environment with the glass heaters. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you. Simply get in touch with our competent customer service team.

Timeless shape and colour

Oekoswiss scores points not only because of its chic appearance, but also because of its low maintenance requirements and technical refinements.

glass pattern black matt and shiny

The advantages of glass heaters at a glance

Glass heaters combine a lot of advantages and are a good alternative to conventional heaters. The advantages at a glance:

  • low acquisition cost
  • Quick assembly
  • stylish element for the interior
  • individual control
  • Prevent mold
  • pleasant heat development
  • suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
300er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 300-30 300x1200 300 8kg White matt 188 011 000
White gloss 188 010 000
Black matt 188 012 000
Black gloss 188 013 000
Oeko 400-30 300x1700 400 12kg Whte matt 188 021 000
White gloss 188 020 000
Black matt 188 022 000
Black gloss 188 023 000
400er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 390-40 400x1200 390 9.5kg White matt 188 031 000
Weiss gloss 188 030 000
Black matt 188 032 000
Black gloss 188 033 000
Oeko 570-40 400x1700 570 14.5kg White matt 188 041 000
White gloss 188 040 000
Black matt 188 042 000
Black gloss 188 043 000
500er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 520-50 500x1200 520 11.5kg White matt 188 051 000
White gloss 188 050 000
Black matt 188 052 000
Black gloss 188 053 000
Oeko 720-50 500x1700 720 16kg White matt 188 061 000
White gloss 188 060 000
Black matt 188 062 000
Black gloss 188 063 000
600er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 300-60 600x600 300 8kg White matt 188 071 000
White gloss 188 070 000
Black matt 188 072 000
Black gloss 188 073 000
Oeko 520-60 600x1000 520 12kg White matt 188 081 000
White gloss 188 080 000
Black matt 188 082 000
Black gloss 188 083 000
Oeko 720-60 600x1400 720 16kg White matt 188 091 000
White gloss 188 090 000
Black matt 188 092 000
Black gloss 188 093 000
Oeko 890-60 600x1700 890 19kg White matt 188 101 000
White gloss 188 100 000
Black matt 188 102 000
Black gloss 188 103 000
  • The mounting set incl. Borehole template is included in delivery
  • 10 years warranty
  • An extension of the warranty to 15 years can be ordered on request.
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