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Space-saving infrared heaters with practical benefits

When the days get shorter and the next colder, heating makes a significant contribution to home comfort. At the same time, more and more people are opting against conventional heating with water. More popular instead are infrared heaters. The panels are simply mounted on the wall or ceiling and heat the room evenly. With the chic design, you have plenty of space for beautiful furniture and decorations. 

A very special trend here is the infrared heater as a mirror. Suspended in the bathroom, hallway or living room, you thus have two functions at once. On the one hand, the mirror is used as any conventional mirror – on the other hand, it ensures evenly warm premises. Compared to the conventional heaters, the mirror does not interfere with the interior design. In addition, the installation is far from being as complicated as with a water-bearing heater. Instead, the mirror is simply hung and connected to the power. In the best case, your guests or visitors will not even notice that the heat comes from the fancy mirror. 

mirror heating

Nearly invisible

Mirror infrared heaters not only fit in the bathroom. Also in the dressing room or in the entrance area they fulfil an excellent double use.

Mirror heating with infrared: how the system works

Behind the classic mirror slumbers quite simple technology. With the help of radiation exchange infrared heating as a mirror gives off heat to other surfaces and objects. Thus, the room can gradually warm up. Above all, this feels very pleasant. You can conveniently control the heat with an on/off switch. Elements for step-like adjustment can also be combined. Infrared heating as a mirror is quick to install and heats up in a short time. Particularly practical is not only saving space: infrared heating as a mirror ensures no whirling up of the dust. Thus, the infrared heaters are very much in demand, especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Infrared as a mirror heating for the bathroom

A mirror is, of course, especially in bathrooms advantageous. Therefore, the use here is particularly worthwhile. Both in private households, but also in hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms or offices, the infrared heaters with mirrors do well. The conventional radiators are thus superfluous and the bathrooms can be used even better.

400er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 570-40 S 400x1700 570 15kg Mirror 188 048 000
500er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 720-50 S 500x1700 720 18kg Mirror 188 068 000
700er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 300-70 S 700x600 300 9kg Mirror 188 078 000
Oeko 520-70 S 700x1000 520 14kg Mirror 188 088 000
Oeko 720-70 S 700x1400 720 19kg Mirror 188 098 000
  • The mounting set incl. Borehole template is included in delivery
  • 10 years warranty
  • An extension of the warranty to 15 years can be ordered on request.
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