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infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag
Press release

Greentec Issue 8 / 2020

In the new issue 8 of the Greentec magazine there is exciting information about possibilities to build or renovate in a climate-neutral way. Oekoswiss Energy

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infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Things to know about glass

Low iron oxide glass has no green tint or shimmer. When sunlight hits ordinary glass, all colour components (blue, yellow, red, etc.) are absorbed or

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infrared heating glass heating on wall
infrared heating

Oekoswiss low-energy infrared heating

The Oekoswiss low-energy infrared heaters generate an extremely cosy warmth, comparable to a tiled stove. All objects (walls, furniture, floors) in the room are kept

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