Infrared solutions for every application

Our infrared products fit into almost all types of buildings and premises

Replacement of old electric heaters

Make long-term and ecological savings. Away with cost-intensive old heating systems towards economical infrared heating systems.

Single family house

Cosy infrared heat for your home and family – thanks to infrared heating for every room.

Apartment building

Our durable and robust infrared heaters are also ideally suited for apartment buildings.

Office & Trade

Thanks to special ceiling-mounted infrared heating systems, office and commercial premises can be installed cost-effectively and in a space-saving manner.

Holiday Home & Chalet

Even if there is no fireplace in your holiday home – thanks to our infrared heaters you can still achieve cosy tiled stove warmth!

Clubhouse & Hobby

Perfect for your clubhouse or hobby room. Our infrared heaters do not require more than one socket.

Consulting, Planning & Implementation

We plan your project down to the smallest detail and implement it perfectly. Without compromise.

infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag


Selecting and combining the right products is crucial for the proper functioning and installation of your new infrared heat source. To meet your personal needs as well as local conditions and regulations, sound advice is very important.

Core competence

In our analysis you can clearly see which heating elements you ideally install where and in which combination in your residential property. From our offer you can see not only the sum of your investment, but also your savings on heating costs, maintenance costs and investment costs.

Control system

The regulation of the heat demand – with or without set-back function according to choice – is carried out by thermostats, individually or centrally, with manual or radio control, or by SMS control and Wi-Fi for the home or remote holiday home.

So from the automated presence orientation heating of your property, whether single-family home, apartment building or office & commercial property up to the remote control of the heating in your holiday home or club house, we cover everything with our know-how.


The installation is very simple and requires only minimal
preliminary construction work: A 230 Volt power connection
– socket or direct cable connection – is
to be provided.

Oekoswiss technical consultants are trained and have several years of experience in the field of low-energy heating technology. We are happy to advise you on site to clarify your individual heating requirements.


We support you and help you with planning and implementation. We are here to help you and the installation company with advice and assistance so that you can enjoy the warmth we have promised you.

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