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Single-colour was yesterday! Design your infrared heating according to your personal taste.

Infrared heating with picture: the new way of heating

Infrared heaters are the future of heating. As electric heaters, they have significant advantages over conventional heating systems. For example, a sensibly used infrared heating system can save up to 50 percent of energy costs. In addition to easy installation, infrared heaters also have a convincing modern design. In addition to the glass heaters, you can also choose our infrared heating with picture. The heating panel is equipped with a beautiful picture motif of your choice. This makes the heater an attractive element in the room design and does not stand out any more.

infrared heating with picture

Your motif as an eye-catcher

Whatever motif you desire – we will bring it to your Infrato heater.

Infrared heating with picture for the cold season

When heat is emitted, a so-called radiation exchange takes place. In the process, all bodies and surfaces in the room are heated evenly. This leads to a pleasant warm feeling in the cold months. What’s more, the infrared heating with picture does not have to be connected in a complicated way. As an electric heater, it is powered exclusively by electricity. The main practical feature here is that the radiator can heat up and cool down within a short time. In addition, infrared heaters with a picture are considered to be extremely durable and easy to install. Because they are operated with electricity, there is no risk of fire and very little maintenance is required. In addition, neither air nor dust is stirred up and allergy sufferers or asthmatics can relax and enjoy everyday life.

Infrared heating with picture: A wonderful way to decorate


In our own four walls, we want to feel comfortable and be able to recharge our batteries. Large radiators that protrude far into the room take up a lot of space and don’t look very nice either. Infrared heating with a picture is therefore a welcome alternative. Depending on your taste, you can choose a beautiful motif. Afterwards, the heater is mounted on the wall, just like a picture or poster. In this way, you can cleverly combine a practical heating system with a beautiful design element in the flat or house.

The advantages of infrared heating with picture

The infrared heating with picture has some advantages to offer. This makes it a welcome alternative to conventional heating systems and a popular choice for hotels, businesses, offices or private homes. The advantages once again at a glance:

  • decorative element in interior design
  • .

  • quick and easy installation
  • .

  • individual control of the heating
  • comfortable heat development
  • avoidance of damp and mould
  • no whirling up of dust
400er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 570-40 B 400x1700 570 14.5kg Image motif 188 049 800
500er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 520-50 B 500x1200 520 11.5kg Image motif 188 050 800
Oeko 720-50 B 500x1700 720 16kg Image motif 188 060 800
600er Series
Model Dimensions in mm Power in watt Weight Type Art.-Nr.
Oeko 520-60 B 600x1000 520 12kg Image motif 188 080 800
Oeko 720-60 B 600x1400 720 16kg Image motif 188 090 800
Oeko 890-60 B 600x1700 890 19kg Image motif 188 100 800
  • The mounting set incl. Borehole template is included in delivery
  • 10 years warranty
  • An extension of the warranty to 15 years can be ordered on request.
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