We are Oekoswiss Energy AG

Oekoswiss Energy AG specialises in the development of infrared heating for residential and industrial applications and in the field of control technology. We manufacture our products in our production facility in Hildisrieden in the canton of Lucerne.

High quality products alone are not enough!

Our expertise in consulting is unique. We crystallize the best solution for your project. We will show you what possibilities there are – for your benefit and also for ours. Because satisfied customers are our main goal. This is only possible with motivated and experienced employees – and we have them.

Oekoswiss Energy AG products generate a modern tiled stove heat thanks to infrared, which heats all solids in the entire room area. This includes walls, floors, ceiling, furniture etc. The surface temperature of the building is higher or equal to the room air temperature. This creates an incomparable room climate and is unbeatable in terms of reaction time – an unbeatable reason for its efficiency.

Why do we also talk about low-energy heating systems?

Because our low-loss heaterscompared to conventional electric heaters or other infrared heaters get by with little power. The Oekoswiss infrared heaters require less connected load to do their job. Our new Lift&Coast system helps to use as little as necessary and not as much as possible to create a pleasant warmth.

Further exciting evaluations from residential and commercial buildings, which have been heated with us for more than a decade, will follow soon.

With our branch in Germany, we show what our products are capable of – both in terms of costs and energy savings with a modern building fabric, up-to-date control options and the lowest possible grey energy expenditure including energy generation and cooling for the summer.

infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Oekoswiss Energy AG

Oekoswiss location in Germany is energy self-sufficient!

At the location of Oekoswiss Germany in Teningen, Baden-Württemberg, the overall concept for eco-smart construction is already  living. The construction method has saved more than 15% in construction costs compared to conventional – with hydraulic heating systems for industrial and commercial buildings.  Again, there are no maintenance costs for heating for the next 30 to 40 years. In the open office areas, even the individual workstations are zone-heated. The installed Loxone central control system automatically regulates everything from the lighting and heating in every office, meeting room on presence, to the standby power switch-off of every device in the branch.

The key points of this construction method at our locationare in Germany:

  • Elimination of hydraulic heating systems
  • Dispensing with conventional cooling technology
  • The first digital, decentralised and presence-oriented heating (zone heating), i.e. energy is only used where people are present in the building or heat is required.
  • Ventilation units with heat recovery for ventilation and cooling which are presence and CO2 controlled. This removes all pollutants, aerosols and germs even at short notice – for the health of employees and customers
  • Photovoltaic and wind power plants and battery storage for our energy freedom
  • Electric charging stations for company vehicles and employees
  • Intelligent building control to reduce power consumption,  so that no devices are unnecessarily operated in standby and to monitor the individual controls
  • Flat roof with greenery to reduce building heating and provide a habitat for animals


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