infrarotheizungen von oekoswiss energy ag

Integrated communication in your infrared radiator

Oekoswiss Energy AG is presenting a unique innovation in the form of communication with the room thermostat and heating control integrated into the infrared glass heating elements. The communication elements to the room thermostat and to the control unit are now integrated for holiday homes, clubs or hobby rooms. An additional external communication device that has to be installed is no longer necessary. A simple application on the smart phone, computer or tablet makes it possible to control and monitor the heating in the holiday home or wherever remotely in the simplest possible way (Telebutler technology). In recent years, numerous holiday homes have been successfully equipped with Telebutler technology. Oekoswiss Energy AG has now gone one step further by integrating communication with the control centre and room thermostats in the glass heating elements. The heating units leave the production line completely pre-configured. The short reaction time of the infrared heating units made of glass combined with the Telebutler control system enables a great deal of energy and therefore costs to be saved. The heating can be conveniently started when leaving for the holiday home, club or hobby room. On arrival you will find a cosy warmth.

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